Bulgaria Mortgage Guide

Mortgage Guide Bulgaria

Mortgage BulgariaA mortgage is a sum of money borrowed from a bank, building society or other lenders in order to buy a property. The mortgage is then repaid over time, together with added interest. There are many different types of home loans – including fixed, discounted and even offset mortgages – which is why an apparently cheap mortgage deal may not always be best for your needs

Whether you are a first-time buyer looking for a new mortgage or aiming to switch home loans at the end of a deal with an existing lender, you want to find the best option to meet your needs.

That’s not always as easy as it seems: there are thousands of mortgages available at any one time, from various lenders. They cover just about every type of deal and cater for all sorts of different requirements.

For example, a new homebuyer may want the security of a fixed rate mortgage and an existing borrower may just want a cheap remortgage deal – and those with bad credit will simply be looking for a specialised lender willing to give them a chance.

List of top banks in Bulgaria

On the websites of the resp. bank in Bulagria you will find the currents conditions and find a cheap mortgage in Bulgaria.

Alpha Bank – http://www.alphabank.bg/

Bulgarian National Bank – http://bnb.bg/

UniCredit Bulbank – http://www.unicreditbulbank.bg/

Central Cooperative Bank – http://www.ccbank.bg/

Citibank – http://www.citigroup.com

Corporate Commercial Bank – http://www.corpbank.bg/

D Commerce Bank Bulgaria – http://www.dbank.bg/

DSK Bank – http://dskbank.bg/

Bulgarian Development Bank – http://www.nasbank.bg/

Eurobank EFG – Postbank – http://www.postbank.bg/

First Investment Bank – http://www.fibank.bg/

ING Bulgaria – http://www.ing.bg/

Raiffeisen Bank Bulgaria – http://www.rbb.bg/

Societe Generale Expressbank Bulgaria – http://www.sgeb.bg/

Teximbank – http://www.teximbank.bg/

MKB Unionbank – http://www.unionbank.bg/

Emporiki Bank Bulgaria EAD – http://www.emporiki.bg

Piraeus Bank Bulgaria AD –http://www.piraeusbank.bg

Investbank Plc. – http://www.ibank.bg

The benefits of a cheap remortgage include:

  • Reducing your monthly repayments and making your outgoings more manageable
  • Releasing equity for you to make other purchases
  • Providing you with a fixed rate and financial peace of mind
  • Potentially saving you money with a better interest rate
  • Providing debt consolidation

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